jan 15 - 24, 2021 (10 Days)

Ecstatic Dance is serving to awaken and unite the tribe, world-wide. Once a fringe subculture, our ED community has grown into a global movement that grooves, uniting and healing, inspiring and revealing the power of free-form dance as a journey toward wholeness, empowerment, and ecstasy.


These journeys are a map of self-discovery through the terrain of the body into the heart, past the mind into another dimension of existence, a dimension we call a unified field, where magic is real.


Raio and Sophie Sôfree are pouring all of their tools they’ve cultivated over years of dedication into a 10 day online Ecstatic Dance DJ Training, taking place jan 15 - 24, 2021 to empower you with the tools to step forth into becoming an Ecstatic Dance DJ.

This online interactive Ecstatic Dance DJ Training combines the focused instructional power of exclusive video tutorials with daily group workshops, Q&A’s and assignments to offer you the best possible learning experience, regardless of where you live.


The course has been designed into 7 modules over 10 days of training (with 3 day offs for practice). You retain access to both the video tutorials as well as recordings of the group and individual sessions for 90 days, so you can review any segment as you integrate the course.

And to stay on the pulse of the times, we’ve included a bonus chapter on how to stream online ecstatic dances.

You will receive:

  • 7 Modules (More than 30 hours) of instructional videos on Traktor DJ & Facilitator Skills (Using Traktor Pro 3)

  • 7 Workshops and Q&A calls with Raio & Sophie Sôfree

  • 2 Wakamaia Love Stream :: Ecstatic Dances

  • Fun daily mix assignments for practice

  • 50 of Our Favourite Dance Tracks

  • And more

WAKAMAIA school of sacred fun presents:

ecstatic dance DJ Training

7  Modules

jan 15 - 24, 2021


How to Rock the Training

Setting Up Traktor & The Training



Headphone Cueing

Introduction Group Call


musical structure

Music is Medicine

Counting Beats, Bars, & Phrases

How Songs are Arranged

How to use Cue Points

Mixing by Phrase 

Group Call: Facilitation Workshop & Q&A


harmonic mixing


Harmonic Mixing Overview

Matching Keys

Adjacent Keys

Group Call: Facilitation Workshop & Q&A


energy & Shapes

Awakening the Empathic DJ

Looping Games

Energy & Shapes - Principles of Ecstatic Dance Sound Journeys

Group Call: Facilitation Workshop & Q&A


working with tempo

Working with Tempo 

Makes Some Waves

Group Call: Facilitation Workshop & Q&A


Opening portals with effects

The Art of Finding Music

Audio File Formats

Creating Your Playlist & Organizing Your Set

Group Call: Facilitation Workshop & Q&A



Why an Organized Music Library is Sexy

Final Group Call: Closing Circle & Graduation!


building community through ecstatic dance

Community Dance Organizing

Rocking Gigs: How to be a Pro

Tools for Online Ecstatic Dance

Additional Resources

Final Group Call: Closing Celebration & Graduation!

The Exchange:

EARLY BIRD: US$800 before DEC 15, 2020

otherwise US$888* per person


US$300 in 3 installments over 3 months

*Does not include:
- Traktor Pro 3 (Pre-downloaded prior to training)

- Traktor Z1 or S Series DJ Controller (optional)

Are you ready to drop the beat?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I secure my spot?

Sign up here

What time will our group calls be?

As we are gathering from various continents ~ we will be guiding 2 x Group Calls with the topic of the day for the 2 time zones.

Check out which time zone works best for you:

Time Zone 1
9 - 11am Singapore / Bali time*
6 - 8pm PST
9 - 11pm EST
11am - 1pm AEST 

Time Zone 2
4 - 6pm Singapore / Bali time
9 - 11am BST
6pm - 8pm AEST
8 - 10pm NZST


After each call, the following days content will be released so you have maximum flexibility to set your own schedule and

pace yourself through the content. 

I am a yoga teacher and I'd like to create mixes and playlists for my classes, is this right for me?

Yes, absolutely. This training is for teachers interested in expanding their toolbox with music curation and playlist making and for anyone interested in deepening their personal growth through ecstatic dance as a transformation path.

What DJ Software will we be using & is it included?

Traktor Pro 3 is the DJ software we will be using for the training. It is not included in the course, but you can get the demo version for free or purchase Traktor Pro 3 here for US$90**. We recommend purchasing it for your onward journey as a DJ!



** Often times the Traktor Z1 DJ console comes with a voucher for the Traktor Pro 3 software, so be sure to check the console product description.

do I need a dj console?

While it is possible to DJ with just the Traktor Pro 3 software, it is recommended to have a Traktor Z1 DJ console (US$219)** on Native Instruments website: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/traktor-for-ios/traktor-kontrol-z1/pricing/

Who are my guides?

Your guides for this training will be Raio & Sophie Sofree, the resident DJ's for the Yoga Barn's legendary ecstatic dances. They have been facilitating and watching the ecstatic dance movement explode over the past 5 years and excited to share with you all the tools, experience and knowledge they have learned on their journey for this movement to flourish and unite communities.  


To learn more about Raio & Sofree, click here.

To listen to their soundcloud mixes, click here

What kind of computer should I have?

Mac OS: 390 MB or Windows: 451 MB


"I am so happy I listened to the calling and booked this course. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. Sophie and Rob's leadership was amazing and I felt very supported technically and energetically. Even though I have never met them in person, I feel like I have new teachers and friends for life. Their tutorial videos were extremely thorough and clear and I am enjoying reviewing the content to deepen in my learning. I look forward to the day we can all meet and dance together in person."



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