Las Guacamayas

Las Guacamayas

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Las Guacayamas represent "The Macaws." 


For many of the tribes of Central and South America, they believe the macaw brings healing through color and light. The macaw is also seen as the guardian, the protector of the air element and of the winds, carrying prayers to the heavens. 

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These earrings are handmade by the Emberá Chami of Colombia, crafted from generational weaving techniques. The combination of colors and shapes are symbolic to their knowledge of the mountains, rivers, sky, animals, people and the unity of all. 


We work fair trade with Embera Chami tribe of Colombia, and our mission is to preserve their artistry, and encourage them to thrive!



Bead work is all made with very strong synthetic thread and glass beads

WHITE: Clouds, Peace

RED: Blood, Race, Soul, Flowers 

BLUE: Sea, River, Sky, Space 

GREEN: Nature, Leaves, Mountains 

YELLOW: Gold, Sun, Happiness

ORANGE: Flowers

PURPLE: Flowers

BROWN: Earth

BLACK: Night

SPIRAL: Path / Road

CURVES: Rivers

CIRCLE: Community, Unity, Integrity

ZIGZAG: Mountain Roads


DIAMOND: Seasons of Nature


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