2019 - 2020


MAY 19, 2019 ~ YOGA BARN, BALI


Welcome to a delicious community gathering: an authentic space for singing and dancing our prayer, opening our hearts in love and gratitude, and celebrating the immense beauty of life on planet earth. Cacao (the pure base of chocolate), known as “the elixir of the Gods”, is a powerful and sacred plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. We pay our respects to the ancient while creating a ritual form entirely our own, featuring beautiful live and DJ’s music, voice activation practices, guided meditation, and communal sharing to support us in rising together in love and gratitude. Come gather in community, sing and dance your hearts open, warm your bellies, and ignite be guided by Raio, but the power, grace, and hoy of it will come from each and every individual. As the Quechua say:
Masikunapa! We are all one Family!



Ecstatic Dance is… a freeform conscious dance journey, typically 90-120 minutes long. Each of our sound journeys are always new, but we always honour these 3 agreements: to speak through our bare feet, the language of our bodies and through the music. 


To access the ecstasy…

In our bodies. In our breath.

In our laughter. In our pain.

In our creativity. In witnessing our collective releasing inhibitions.

iIto the expanses of the full self; a level of freedom and awareness that floods everyday life with vital energy. 

Fridays, 7.30 - 9pm

Sundays, 11am - 12.30pm

Come at least 2 hours early to get your ticket!



We wish for this to be a year of creating and cultivating. We are tending to our planted seeds, feet on the ground and heart facing the direction of our highest dreams. Cultivating anything - a dream, a business, a relationship - requires time, attention and devotion, even when it feels hard. What about cultivating your inner being? 

It will be a week of nature, introspection, community, music, wellness, ritual, love, laughter, and fun!


What's Included?

  • Accommodation at Bambu Indah

  • Access to all of our daily content and experiences including:

  • Daily Yoga

  • Daily Meditation

  • Spirit Lifting Workshops

  • Live Musical Performances

  • Ancestral Ceremonies

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks prepared by our team of talented chefs. All of our food will be locally sourced and locally inspired

Price: US$2,800 per person

10 - 13 JULY, 2019 ~ UBUD, BALI


A full spectrum immersion into the art, science, and spirit of Ecstatic Dance facilitation. 

If you are passionate about...

~ Acquiring the skills needed to facilitate ecstatic dance

~ Integrating DJ & music curation skills into your offerings

~ Growing as a facilitator of embodiment practices

~ Simply wanting to bring more dance into your own life!

... we invite to join this training.

You will receive:

  • Daily Embodiment Practice & Ecstatic Dance

  • Traktor DJ skills - for beginners to advanced

  • Tricks to find and organize music 

  • Lessons on music theory & harmonic mixing

  • Facilitation skills, tools and principles

  • 1:1 Tech Coaching Session

  • 100 of our favourite tracks to get you started

  • Certification from Wakamaia School of the Arts


EARLY BIRD PRICE: US$499 (before June 30, 2019)

Otherwise US$550

Space limited to 12 | Non-Residential



The whole of the path resides in the present moment and the present moment can be entered most directly through opening to the energy body within our physical body. The energy body anchors us in the present and opens the door to the spiritual. One frontier of our spiritual work is to make our contact with the energy body stronger, more frequent, and more continuous. At any and every moment, our physical body awaits our attention and intention to deepen our connection with and strengthen our energy body. This in itself affords us a greater degree of freedom. In the energy body, strongly in the present, we are not as prone to identification with past and future, anxiety and fear, greed and anger, nor to the grip of egoism. A natural joy, a celebration of life enters us as we awaken out of identification and into the energy body, into the present.



Our global family gathers together in sacred celebration, doing the inside-out work of personal and planetary healing and transformation. As we take time and space to re-align through yoga, movement, dance and music, we fine-tune our inner equilibrium and rejuvenate our bodies.

We find inspiration with world-renowned teachers, workshops, wisdom talks and seminars, discovering new paths to inner harmony, healing and our collective well-being. On this journey, we set aside digital distractions in favor of soul-to-soul connections, making new friends, embracing new ideas, and expanding our wisdom. There is space to share from the heart, opportunities to connect deeply, and places to be alone to reflect.

And with our cups filled to the brim and raised to the heavens, we unite in ceremony and celebration, dancing under the stars to a global lineup of musical magicians. You are so welcome to offer your prayer at this sacred fire. In service to the dream of a healthy and vibrant planet, it’s time to Restore the Balance.


© 2019 by Wakamaia