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Students of the mystics, the muse, the music. Here to share sonics to soothe your soul, trainings to activate your inner DJ, and sacred commerce to radiate beauty into the world.

October 5 - November 9, 2024

Ecstatic Dance DJ Training

Master the art of facilitating transformational dance journeys in this all-levels 4-week immersion

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Ecstatic Dance is much more than pressing play on your favourite track.

To lead a group through a deep and transformative journey, guiding them to the highest peaks and through the deepest shadows, takes immense understanding and skill.


Testimonial from DJ Mistress Mimawa


"The Wakamaia training was exceptional. Sophie and Raio poured so much love and care into every part of the course that could be felt through the online world of tutorial videos and zoom calls. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough. The clarity, the skill, the knowledge, the love and the joy is beyond what I had imagined. 

Rikke Brodin

"I was so thrilled that by the end of the course I could mix and create an ecstatic dance journey. I’m also surprised at how connected and incredibly effective the training could be online. The fire has been re-ignited within me and I am so grateful for your integrity, your authenticity, your skills and your big loving hearts."

Damara Ryder

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Our graduates

Have learned how to facilitate a potent ecstatic dance session, drop a group into presence, and land them in the heart. They are igniting their cities with the sweat soaked, love infused dance gatherings that people are craving in this unique time on the planet.

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A friend asked me recently... "So you just did that Ecstatic Dance course and now you’re holding events?“ And I said "Yes!“, and smiled. My heart feels beyond grateful that I had the chance to train with Sophie and Rob and a wonderful group. I followed my heart whispers to sign up for this course. It showed me how much can be possible if you have teachers that lead you with such a precious combination of kindness, patience, clarity, knowledge and faith in you. Rob and Sophie created a container where I felt very safe to experiment and with this to learn new skills in a short amount of time. It was the perfect mix from technical skills to how to hold the energetic space for an Ecstatic Dance event. For me it was 10 days of sacred joy and empowerment. I’m grateful that I could experience how much fun learning can be with inspiring practices in a nurturing group and I feel very excited to share transformative spaces in the future."

Julie Saacke
Launching November 23, 2022

Sound Healing Performance Course with Ableton Live

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer, ceremonialist, and sonic explorer, Raio empowers you to create live sound journeys for healing, meditation, and ceremonial journeys with the state-of-the-art yet easy-to-use software Ableton Live. 

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Dance of the Moon Mix
Dance of the Moon Mix
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The Emberá Chami believe that women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Okamas in the Emberá dialect are a way of adorning and highlighting their strength, beauty and feminine wisdom. The Okama symbolizes “the path” they walk and is full of ancestral wisdom, cosmovision and story. 

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