feat. Sophie Sôfrēē

Mother Water, heal us all. A song of praise and prayer to the Waters, which bring us purification and renewal. We shed our tears in order to see the world afresh, in joy and celebration. Based on a traditional Peruvian water song.

Feat. sophie sôfrēe
Eh Nyame

Dancing with the sky god, giving thanks and receiving blessing.

Pachamantra Vol 1.

Pachamantra Vol. 1 is medicine music to move to, an uplifting musical prayer rooted in reverence for the Earth.

Storytelling from an ancient-future, where choruses becomes mantras from the temples of mountain, forest, and sea. The music dances along ancestral terraces into modern sanctuaries: technology and nature in harmonic alliance.

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Other Music Productions

Woman So Wise

By Lindsey Wise

Walk in Beauty is an album of heartsongs, mantras and medicine music. These songs are prayers. They're prayers for our planet; they're prayers for you.

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Laksmi Lullabies

By Noelani Love

Inspired by chants from the Hawaiian and yogic traditions, Noelani brings these ancient mantras back to life with an acoustic ukulele.

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Mighty River

By Jarah Tree

Recorded in 432hz, this Album is a tribute to the Mighty River flowing in all forms through all life. It is a prayer and a celebration.

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