Dance of the Moon Mix

Dance of the Moon Mix

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A 40 minute mix download so you can enjoy the mix ad-free and without voice-over. You are welcome to share this in your classes and workshops, crediting to @sophiesofree.

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Here's the link to watch Dance of the Moon:

Note: This is not a license to use this mix commercially, for videos on social media / YouTube or any other platform. 

This is a culture

"It is indigenous art that my grandmothers taught me and they sent me to do it; I do it with the respect of being in front of an inheritance."

A tool for empowerment

Whether it be a necklace (okama) or an earring, each of these pieces speak to the journey of life and serve to to protect and highlight beauty.

Handcrafts are one of the main resources of survival for these women. Buying one of these pieces directly supports artisans of light and we hope it inspires creativity and connection to this wild, colorful and beautiful planet.