Wakamaia is, at its heart, a love story

Our personal love story began when we discovered a shared passion for Afro-Latin music, indigenous cultures, Kundalini Yoga, and Pachamama ~ Mother Earth. After years of cultivating our love and offerings, Wakamaia was born in the “Heart of the World,” the sacred Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia. 

It is a homeland for intelligent, sensitive indigenous communities who are highly attuned to nature and live from the absolute knowing that they exist to care for the world – a world they fear we are destroying. It is a land where the voices of the waters, birds, mountains and guardian elders are clearly heard calling for support in this mission. 

We heeded the calling, and decided to birth Wakamaia. WAKA = Canoe or Carrier (Maori) and it also means Sacred Place in the Andes. MAIA = Magic / Extraordinary Wisdom / Unveiling the Illusion (Sanskrit). Through Wakamaia we hope to uplift the vibration of the planet and her people through earth-reverent, spiritually inspired music, art, sacred commerce, and events. 

Here you will find sounds to sooth your soul, art to awaken your own visions, fair-trade goods from artisans of light that radiate beauty into your reality as they support the cultures from which they are woven, and events to nourish body, mind, and spirit.

It is said that the greatest love is the kind that awakens the soul into action. Let’s all awaken together!

With love.


Raio  &  Sophie Sôfrēē


As a musician, DJ, and event producer, Raio has been uplifting the tribe in Bali for a dozen years.  An eco-community steward and co-founder of the BaliSpirit Festival, Raio has played a key role in the evolution of the conscious scene on the island.  

He’s been a student of yoga and various wisdom traditions for over 20 years, having undertaken extended journeys in the lands of Mexico, Central and South America.

He’s a resident DJ for the legendary ecstatic dances at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, where he also leads ceremonies, kirtans, and sound healing journeys. He also produces music for himself and others in a mystic jungle studio. 


Sophie Sôfree is the Wakamaia Mama. She's always had a strong calling to study various spiritual paths and indigenous tribal cultures, and for the past decade, her path has been dedicated to learning yoga, the healing power of music and mantra, dance, and the healing tools of the Earth and the plants.

At home in Ubud, Bali, you can find her DJ'ing for ecstatic dance floors, teaching Kundalini Yoga and Mandala meditation classes, or designing retreats in wisdom cultures such as Bhutan, Peru & Bali. Her greatest joy is empowering others to tap into their creativity and reverence for life itself. 

Sophie's allegiance to the Earth can be felt through her DJ sets, classes, illustrations and passion to support indigenous cultures. Through this bridging of traditions, she hopes that the paradigm can be shifted towards a thriving future for all.