Mix Feature of the Week: Rikke Brodin

"...finding Ecstatic Dance changed everything for me."

This week, Wakamaia features Rikke Brodin, one of the recent graduates from our Ecstatic Dance DJ Training:

"Having trained in many forms of dance, but always feeling like the bound structures somehow got in the way of the freedom of expression that wanted to be moved, finding Ecstatic Dance changed everything for me. It felt like a coming home to my moving body, it felt like an ecstatic rapture into a wild moving prayer that has been waiting to be felt, to be moved, to be expressed.

Finally I encountered an intentional space that welcomed my whole self in an embodied healing and alchemical process through the journey of the music. It felt like a reclaiming of my whole body, as I move through the flow and the grit and the sticky bits, freeing energy that has been stuck, waking up energy that has been left stagnant, amplifying the energy that is in flow, to weave more and more of myself into the felt sense of the whole.

Both re-sensitizing my body-mind matrix through free movement, and assimilating unresolved material through movement, trusting that this body knows how to move and how it wants to move, without form or a rigid structure, this body is free and awake and it knows how to heal itself through movement. It knows how to practice intimacy with both pleasure and pain and transmute all of it into liberation and ecstasy. And when so many bodies come together in freedom and in aliveness without judgement, the field gets more and more charged by the collective, and something very very magical happens.

The Wakamaia training was exceptional. I signed up to this training because this practice has been so radically transformational in unlocking me, and I felt the calling to facilitate this opening for others. Sophie and Raio poured so much love and care into every part of the course that could be felt through the online world of tutorial videos and zoom calls. I am in awe of the container they created that felt so held, so intimate, so free and so empowering. The tutorials themselves are so clear and brilliant, I went into this training not knowing absolutely anything about DJ software, consoles, mixing, finding and organizing music, I didn’t know anything at all, thinking I have no brain for technology, and by the end I could mix a 3 hour set with confidence and joy. It was incredible, transformational and empowering. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough. The clarity, the skill, the knowledge, the love and the joy is beyond what I had imagined. Plus the sweetness of the community and the wonderful trainees that Wakamaia attracts. I wish I could do it all over again. Love, Rikke"

Get to know Rikke's style through her latest ecstatic dance mix,
a deeply moving prayer to awaken all the primal senses.


You can also follow her journeys DJ'ing around the world, including Papaya Playa in Tulum!