DJ Masterclass with Raio for Graduates ~ July 8, 2022

DJ Masterclass with Raio for Graduates ~ July 8, 2022

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BOTH JULY 8 & 13 SESSIONS ARE SOLD OUT - but if you would like to catch the replay, click here to register:

In this live interactive session, we will cover:

- Live DJ Set by Raio with Walkthrough & Talkthrough
- A deeper dive into creative and tasteful uses of FX
- DJ or Set Up Q&A - Ask questions in real time, and get answers right away

This is a culture

"It is indigenous art that my grandmothers taught me and they sent me to do it; I do it with the respect of being in front of an inheritance."

A tool for empowerment

Whether it be a necklace (okama) or an earring, each of these pieces speak to the journey of life and serve to to protect and highlight beauty.

Handcrafts are one of the main resources of survival for these women. Buying one of these pieces directly supports artisans of light and we hope it inspires creativity and connection to this wild, colorful and beautiful planet.