Ecstatic Dance DJ Training *Re-Boot*

Ecstatic Dance DJ Training *Re-Boot*

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For graduates wishing to get a refresher on the course, we invite you to join us for our 5-week container, March 11 - April 15, 2023 with Raio & Sophie Sôfrēē. 

In this immersion, it is the same content but we’ve spaced out calls so that you have a balance between life, playing and integrating. There will be 1 - 2 calls per week, and you can select from the time zone you are in.

We will repeat the Ecstatic Dance DJ Training content and you will have access to Live Q&A's with Raio & Sophie Sôfrēē:

☀️ March 11 - April 15, 2023

Topics include: How Songs are Structured, Harmonic Mixing, Looping, Playing with Tempo, Opening Portals with FX, Organizing Your Music Library, and so much more.

Workshops on facilitation, DJ’ing, and how to create an authentic Ecstatic Dance journey. Every session we are dancing, exploring music, and integrating concepts. Watch real time live DJ’ing and ask us anything at the end of each session in our Q&A.

Join a global tribe who share the same dreams to bring sweat-filled dances to their towns and cities… and get peer-to-peer support to bring inspiration into action.


As we are gathering from several different continents ~ Raio & Sophie will be guiding 2 separate Group Calls with the topic of the day to serve all hemispheres.

Check if you are Time Zone 1 or Time Zone 2 below.

Time Zone 1: Asia / Oz / NZ / Americas

Time Zone 2: Europe / UAE / Africa / Asia

March 11, 12, 18, 25, 29, April 1, 15

**Note for the Americas, you are 1 day behind Bali, so the dates for your calls will be March 10, 11, 17, 24, 28, March 31, April 14 @ 5pm Los Angeles

ED-DJ Call 1
Time Zone 1: March 11 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: March 11 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 2
Time Zone 1: March 12 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: March 12 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 3
Time Zone 1: March 18 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: March 18 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 4
Time Zone 1: March 25 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: March 25 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 5
Time Zone 1: March 29 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: March 29 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 6
Time Zone 1: April 1 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: April 1 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

ED-DJ Call 7
Time Zone 1: April 15 @ 9am - 12pm Bali
Time Zone 2: April 15 @ 4pm - 7pm Bali

All calls will be recorded.

If you aren't sure about the schedule, email us at

More information on the course:

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